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Torgoen Swiss Manufacturing and Assembly

All Torgoen Swiss watches are assembled in Stabio, Switzerland, by expert watch makers. The assembly facility, in accordance with the “Swiss Made” seal, combines traditional expertise with state-of-the-art technology. Semi-automated Lecureux lines and hand-crafted attention ensure that Torgoen products are in line with the highest quality standards.

Every watch under the Torgoen Swiss brand undergoes multiple levels of rigorous testing. Watches are inspected, tested to withstand both 10 ATM (100 meters) of real water and dry-vacuum pressure, onerous leak testing, and technical features and components integration testing. The products go through heavy, long lasting, damage withstanding tests, extreme temperature withstanding test, and cosmetic longevity tests. From hand alignment to battery consumption, all Torgoen Swiss components undergo definitive quality assurance. Machinery used for testing includes Witschi Electric and Hormec products. Timepieces are made with only high grade stainless steel, genuine Italian leather, super hardened K1 mineral crystal, the highest precision Swiss movements.