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Watch crystals - the window to the time

A Look at the Crystals on Watch Cases

First of all, we are not discussing the quartz crystal that acts as the oscillator. We are talking about the crystal which acts as the cover of the dial and the window with which to view the time. There are a few different types of materials that are usually used in the watch industry:

1. Plexiglass (a clear, lightweight plastic)
2. Mineral Crystal - a composition similar to glass.
3. Synthetic sapphire.

Plexiglass is the cheapest and the least resistant to scratches. Synthetic Sapphire, also known as Sapphire Crystal, is the best quality crystal available for watches. It is generally considered scratch proof and is also used for armored vehicles/windows, so you know its tough. Our T32 and the T7 are both made with sapphire crystal. Most watches, in the price range less than 999 use a mineral crystal compound. That is one of the reasons the T7 and T32 offer amazing value. From all the different mineral crystal compounds available in the watch industry, hardened K1 crystal offers the best scratch resistance and strength. All Torgoen timepieces, that do no have sapphire crystal, use hardened K1 crystal.

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