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Watch crystals - the window to the time

A Look at the Crystals on Watch Cases

First of all, we are not discussing the quartz crystal that acts as the oscillator. We are talking about the crystal which acts as the cover of the dial and the window with which to view the time. There are a few different types of materials that are usually used in the watch industry:

Torgoen Swiss Manufacturing and Assembly

All Torgoen Swiss watches are assembled in Stabio, Switzerland, by expert watch makers. The assembly facility, in accordance with the “Swiss Made” seal, combines traditional expertise with state-of-the-art technology. Semi-automated Lecureux lines and hand-crafted attention ensure that Torgoen products are in line with the highest quality standards.

73 feet under the North Sea

The watch was tie wrapped to a 'Video Ray Rov' and then taken 73ft down inside a ballast tank on the North Sea Producer.

Torgoen Swiss to showcase new T18 models at IJL

Distributor Since 1853 will showcase new models in the Torgoen Swiss T18 collection at IJL, having debuted the watch at the JCK show in Las Vegas.

California Fire Pilots Assoc. Inc.

 As of September 2012, we are the official partners with the California Fire Pilots Association. As part of the partnership, we made a watch from the series of the T30 featuring GMT and alarm with their special logo on the dial.

Sennan Fileding - Torgoen Motorsports

Torgoen Swiss UK has welcomed 16-year-old racing driver Sennan Fileding to its Team Torgoen race line-up, as part of its development to build links with the motorsport world in the UK.

Torgoen now official watch of Typhoon Display Team

Torgoen has signed up to become the official watch supplier of the Royal Air Force Typhoon 2012 Display Team.

As part of the sponsorship deal all members of the Royal Air Force Typhoon 2012 Display Team will wear a limited-edition Torgoen T16302 chronograph that has been specially created to celebrate the partnership.

Learn to Confidently Handle Your Airplane During In-flight Emergencies

The academy’s curriculum  delivers specialized flight training to both private and commercial pilots that will increase aviation safety by teaching aviators essential recovery and survival skills not normally offered in either primary or advanced flight training.

New Partnership between Reynolds Jets and TORGOEN Swiss Watches

Torgoen Swiss is pleased to announce it is the official timepiece of Reynolds Jets.  Reynolds Jets is a private jet charter that offers a variety of services for the individual, corporate, university and government entity seeking private jet charter in a secure, industry-leading environment, as well as other related services, including audits and assessments.

Team Pelfrey Forges New Partnership with TORGOEN Swiss Watches

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. (March 27, 2012) – Team Pelfrey is delighted to announce a partnership with watchmakers TORGOEN Swiss for the 2012 Star Mazda Championship Presented by Goodyear. The brand, which is headquartered in New Jersey and specializes in professional pilot watches, will feature on all Team Pelfrey drivers’ cars and overalls along with branding on the team transporter and pit equipment.

Nothing Impossible

Spencer Suderman, Chief Instructor at the Torgoen Academy and Air Show pilot.  Read more to view the video.

The Mentalist Season 3 Finale!

Red John, played by Bradley Whitford, wears the Torgoen T10105 watch in the last scene of the season finale.